What’s this all about

Each jacket is a custom created wearable piece of art, made from a hand-picked group of old clothing items, chosen specifically for color and texture. Before the sewing process begins, each item of old clothing has been washed in hot water to ensure both cleanliness and long-term durability through many machine washings.

I like it! I’m interested!

If you are interested in one of my handmade upcycled jackets, made completely from recycled clothing, fill out the Interest Form and email it to me at ragsresurrected@gmail.com. After we’ve discussed details of what you’re looking for, I can quote you a price and estimated delivery time. Prices range from $100 – $180, plus materials.

Meet the designer

My name is Brenda Kobrin. I live in Santa Rosa, California. I have had various careers in graphics, publishing and financial services, but have recently reinvigorated to one of my lifelong hobbies… sewing. As a youth, I used to sew most the clothing I wore, but set that aside for the past few decades. I’m happy to be plunging back into one of my great joys in life and I am delighted to be sharing it with others too.

How this came about

My step-daughter brought to my attention Katwise and her upcycled “Sweater Coats.” I loved her zany coats and even more so, I loved the idea of making beautiful new garments out of old, discarded ones. She sells an ebook on her technique, so I bought one and took a trip to the local thrift store to buy old sweaters and try out her techniques. My first attempt was a gift for my wonderful step-daughter. It’s the one pictured that’s called “Snuggle Fairy.” After that I made one of out t-shirts, but refined the style according to my own stylistic sensibilities and the person I was making it for (my other step-daughter.) It went on from there. My daughter wanted one. I made one for myself. And I continued making them for others. Each one is completely unique, individually designed and titled.

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